Cheezy Trek T-Shirt Offer

The people at Cheez-It crack me up. They have a nice Trek related t-shirt reward on their recent packaging. It’s a pretty cool lookin’ shirt: This is the part that cracks me up: Now, I know that the new Star Trek has a broader appeal; however, I’m fairly confident that most “regular” folks won’t be … Read more Cheezy Trek T-Shirt Offer

Ad Goofs

Over the holidays, I saw my fair share of ads and great deals. I’m very interested in getting an LCD TV this year, one, because I love shiny new gizmos and two, the displays are just gorgeous. So I kept my eyes on all the specials this past holiday season. I saw some great buys … Read more Ad Goofs


From my friends over at HOW comes this NY Times¬†(free registration required) article talking about upscale brands feeling the pinch of the financial “crisis”. And they seem to be utilizing some low-end tactics to keep the customers coming: coupons and steep discounts. Is this a new trend until the financial storm blows over? For designers: … Read more Not-As-Upscale