CFC & HOW 2010: Part 1

I had the privilege of attending the 2010 Creative Freelancer Conference and a few sessions of the 2010 HOW Design Conference. In a stroke of brilliance, F&W Media decided to hold the CFC, HOW, and inHOWse conferences all at the same location and at the same time. As a result, my CFC package included access … Read more CFC & HOW 2010: Part 1


A few of the HOW Design Forum members who were unable to attend this year’s HOW Design Conference in Austin decided to have a “kNOwHOW” conference. Nothing fancy, just a few designer friends getting together to share knowledge, friendship and food. Our host, Karma, along with her mom, and fellow HOWie Patti really went all … Read more kNOwHOW

Hey That’s Me! n2 Quoted in Caffeine for the Creative Team

Late last year, members of the HOW Design forum were asked to contribute their thoughts about how the forum acted as a team for the book, Caffeine for the Creative Team. A couple of my quotes and photos that were submitted were used in the chapter on the HOW Forum. Congrats to my fellow HOWies … Read more Hey That’s Me! n2 Quoted in Caffeine for the Creative Team

Creative Freelancer Conference 2008

I had the privilege of attending the first ever Creative Freelancer Conference, the creative brainchild of the folks at HOW and Marketing Mentor (Peleg & Ilise). How could I resist this write-up: “If you’re a freelance designer, photographer, writer or anyone else in the creative arts trying to make a living at it—or wanting to … Read more Creative Freelancer Conference 2008