Theory Thursday: Urban Farming

National Geographic had an interesting article in a recent issue talking about how some urban centers are transforming their rooftops into green rooftops and the positive environmental impact this might have. You can read the article here. While reading this article, a thought occurred to me regarding farming and how I had also recently read … Read more Theory Thursday: Urban Farming

Design for Good: Everyone Deserves A Roof

I’m starting off 2009 with a story from the folks over at Mental Floss on someone who’s designed a product for the greater good. Here’s someone who’s designing a practical way to help the homeless: EDAR (Everyone Deserves A Roof) it’s a military-grade one-person shelter for homeless people who don’t want to stay at a … Read more Design for Good: Everyone Deserves A Roof

Wire-Free Electricity

My inner science geek LOVES this story: Intel recently demonstrated wireless power. While it’s not ready for primetime yet, it sounds promising and just plain cool! Here’s the link to the full story: