nap for that

Waaaay back in 2009, not long after Apple began it’s “There’s an app for that” advertising campaign, I was inspired to begin my There’s A Nap for That t-shirt line not only in jest, but also because I’m serious about napping.

Just ask any of my friends, it’s true. I worked very tiredly towards my goal of bringing nap-related merchandise to my fans.

In 2012, I rebranded There’s A Nap for That which brought about the first appearance of the Ned the Sleepy Sheep. And I sort of left it alone as life happened.

But now, the world is a changed place and I feel that the power of the nap must be once again shouted out to the masses. I am happy to report that after much exhausting work, I have updated There’s A Nap for That for today’s modern napper. Sammy the Sleepy Sheep is our new guide into the land of dreams and 15 minute power naps.

I’ve got so many ideas, just give me 15 minutes for a quick nap first…