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Molly Waits Her Turn Book Front Cover 2020 03 21 17.20.28
Molly Waits Her Turn Book Front Cover

The Everyday Adventures of Papa & Paws: Molly Waits Her Turn

Molly Paws is a sweet little doggie that has adventures with her Papa, Mama, and sisters. Today, Molly learns about waiting her turn.  It’s not easy for her to be patient for her favorite after dinner treat. Will Molly get in trouble for being impatient? Will Papa make things right and reward Molly for waiting her turn?

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The Paws Family 2020

Papa Paws

I am Papa Paws. I wrote and illustrated my first comic book at about age nine featuring my dog, Woody. And I’ve been drawing dogs ever since. Now, I’m embarking on my most ambitious project to date: self publishing my very first children’s book!