Doodle Swap

A friend of mine from the HOW Design Forum, Mary, came up with a brilliant idea to do a “doodle swap” on Artist Trading Cards. She described it as: “The Doodle Swap Project is an organized swap of original, trading-card-sized art between artists, designers and illustrators.”

It sounded like fun so I signed up. I decided to go with an old standby that I tend to doodle: robots and sci-fi. I just had to give my new Faber-Castel Artist pens a workout, so I figured this would be a great way to use ’em. I tried to stay true to the art of doodling and I warmed up first and then drew directly on the final cards with the pens. I decided to add color with my favorite medium, colored pencil. Alas, the textured vellum was not very forgiving so for the sake of keeping the pen lines visible, I just put a light coating on. Next time I want to give the smooth ATC cards a crack, I think that will work better with the color pencils.

I did a total of nine images, you can view them all on my Flickr. I’m enjoying receiving the cards from my fellow designers in the mail, it’s like a mini Christmas with each one that arrives!

You can view the entire Doodle Swap Project on Flickr here.

Below, from my Doodle Swap, “Hello HAL”…