Controlling Social Media

I think it is silly and sad that larger companies are trying to “control” social media through fear and intimidation in this day in age. It really shows that they are afraid of this new world where they are not in control. I say it’s about time!

I can understand trying to protect your corporate image or intellectual property. But really Nestlé, threatening your Facebook “Likers” with post deletion just because they did a mashup of your logo is just petty and wrong.

And the whole thing about people losing their jobs just because they posted a comment or had the wrong photo on their Facebook page is pathetic.

If companies think they can control people’s personal Facebook pages: good fucking luck. It is the 21st Century and “power to the people” is the new standard in this, the Information Age. Facebook is simply a tool for sharing our personal photos and comments with our friends and family. Yes, these comments can be seen on the internet and depending on your privacy settings, possibly by people other than your family and friends.

Complaining about your boss and bitching about work are as old as jobs themselves. We all do it or have done it. That’s how some folks deal with it and relieve the stress of their day, and these days we are all more stressed. I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer this to hearing of another worker going out with a gun and shooting people.

And thinking you can control what photos people post to their profiles, again: good luck. Just because I have a drink in my hand in a photo doesn’t mean I have a drinking problem. The fact that I have friends and enjoy my free time with them should be a plus, not a minus.

While what we post to the internet is “forever”, just remember that my personal comments and photos are just that, even if the distribution is public. My comments represent me, not anyone or anything else. I don’t represent any company or entity except for me.  Photos and comments from 10 or more years ago may not reflect the person I am today.

Maybe you should try and talk to the me of today to see what I’m like now, you might be pleasantly surprised. And, more importantly, get the hell off of Facebook/Twitter/whatever and go out and live your life. There’s more out there than these few pixels on the interwebs.