new work: hand of God

hand of god

The latest in my Petroglyph Prints series…hand of God.

Man and woman journey across the ages from the Dreamtime to the Revelation that they never left the loving cradle of their Creator’s hands. You can purchase a gorgeous 12×12″ print here.

While I researching my petroglyphs, I came across this image:


To me, I immediately thought of the title “hand of God” and how I could turn my petroglyphs into the story that just flashed into my imagination.

Many ancient artists “signed” their work by blowing pigment that outlined their hand, so I used that as my basis: God has “signed His work” on the universe within the stars. So very subtle, but there if you look at just the right angle.


Then I added in the images of stars/planets and people from this very cool petroglyph:


I did just a bit of blending/coloring in Photoshop to finish up the illustration.