Fractal Portraits : The Old Man of the Forest

If you’ve been following my social accounts recently, you know that I’ve started my own #100DayChallenge in the form of my 100 Fractals series of hand painted fractal artwork.

I discovered fractals as art a few years ago and have been playing with a few different apps to generate them. I was never happy with how complicated and buggy those apps were. Then I found the Silk 2 app for my iPad that allows me to paint with my Apple Pencil or fingers! While I love the zen-like experience of making these colorful individual pieces of art, I felt like I could do more with them.

The Old Man of the Forest is a cool old family photo given to me by my mom. This is her Grandpa Middleton. I’m not sure why he is in a chair like this in what appears to be the woods. It was the 1800s, though, so who knows, maybe this was the thing to do back then. 

I just love how the rainbow colors of the fractals really gave new life to this old family photo. It adds a sense of mystery and energy to it that wasn’t there before. I imagine Grandpa Middleton as the guardian of this part of the the forest.

You can purchase The Old Man of the Forest here.

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As with all the images in this series, I mounted the image to a block of maple wood for two reasons: 1) I’ve always wanted to do a piece of art on wood and 2) I felt the warm color of the wood really complements the colors and vintage nature of the work.

And keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram and this blog for more Fractal Portraits to be revealed soon.