Fractal Portraits : Sibling Rivalry

If you’ve been following my social accounts recently, you know that I’ve started my own #100DayChallenge in the form of my 100 Fractals series of hand painted fractal artwork.

I discovered fractals as art a few years ago and have been playing with a few different apps to generate them. I was never happy with how complicated and buggy those apps were. Then I found the Silk 2 app for my iPad that allows me to paint with my Apple Pencil or fingers! While I love the zen-like experience of making these colorful individual pieces of art, I felt like I could do more with them.

Sibling Rivalry is an old family photo of my Grandpa Ted and his brother, Ed. This photo is circa the late 1800s. I love the Victorian feel of this image. The frame has been partially damaged, giving the original its own kind of mystique. 

As I was compositing the fractals for this image, I stumbled upon some really cool variations that are just as exciting as my original vision and maybe even moreso in some instances! Check out some of the fab alt images below.

I decided to go with a more straightforward fractal application that adds a lot to this already-cool image. The crackling energy emanating from Ted’s hand on the arm of the chair speaks to the inherent rivalry of siblings and transforms this Victorian era photo into a timeless story of two brothers who love each other and yet who will always be competing with each other.

You can purchase Sibling Rivalry here. 

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As with all the images in this series, I mounted the image to a block of maple wood for two reasons: 1) I’ve always wanted to do a piece of art on wood and 2) I felt the warm color of the wood really complements the colors and vintage nature of the work.

And keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram and this blog for more Fractal Portraits to be revealed soon.