MSF Large Dozen Carton After 2

Morning Sun Farms Egg Carton Design

I had the privilege of being asked to redesign Morning Sun Farms’ egg cartons by Dale Filbrun. I’ve known of Dale through my day job where he sells his eggs to my company. He was interested in refreshing the look of his egg cartons and updating the messaging. I happened to be in the office the day he came around looking to bounce ideas around about how he could update the look and messaging. He liked what I had to say and I got the job!

I’ve never designed an egg carton before. There was a lot to learn about the regulations specific to eggs. I am used to working within the FDA guidelines for product labels, so it was really just a matter of learning which rules to follow.

I chose grass green as the secondary color in keeping with the pasture-raised theme. It’s also a nice contrast to the vibrant red of the Morning Sun Farm logo. I chose a handwritten font to convey the feeling that the Filbrun family could have written each carton out by hand. It really gives warmth to the messages. I decided to make the Thank You message second only to the Organic Eggs to genuinely thank the customer for choosing this carton of eggs and to call attention to the fact that these are locally raised. The red star showing the location of the farm further reinforces the local message.

Working on the branding was fun as Dale and his family had some great ideas that helped the process go smoothly. There was so much good information to convey, narrowing down to a simple message that fits on the cartons was the biggest challenge. At MSF, they grow their own feed, they have the USDA Organic seal of approval. Their hens have a pasture they can hang out in the fresh air. These authentic kinds of stories are the best ones to tell for me as a designer. The cartons turned out well and The Filbrun family is thrilled with their new cartons!