Todd Norman Pinot & Chardonnay Labels
One of my favorite projects was the Todd Norman Pinot & Chardonnay Labels for my day job atDorothy Lane Market. In the spring of 2011, we found a great family winery, Talley Vineyards out in California that would private label our wines. We needed the label and in quite a rush to make the bottling schedule. I did some initial sketches and thoughts, but I couldn't get my rejected wine show poster concept from 2010 out of my head. So I gave it try and it worked out beautifully for the label design. I presented to the folks who needed to give their approval and everyone loved it! Recycling my old concept into a new usage worked very well in this instance and saved us a lot of time and effort and we got everything in on time. Plus the wine is pretty darned tasty too. 
Original Sketch & Art for Wine Show Poster: