CFC Update

As you may have read, I attended the first-ever Creative Freelancer’s Conference this past August. I had a fantastic time, met lots of great people and was truly inspired. And I came home with a monster to-do list. While I’m nowhere near being done, I have reached some milestones. I’ve updated my online design and illustration portfolios and aligned them with my print portfolios, I purchased a new portfolio for my illustrations, I’ve finally entered all my business cards into my address book, and I’ve developed a new format for my wedding gift illustrations (I can’t reveal this one until after the wedding…be on the lookout for my post about the Princess Luna image coming soon… 😉 I’ve also had lunch with fellow CFC and Ohioan, Melanie, and I’ve updated my contracts. I feel pretty darned good about the progress I’ve made so far, but the road ahead is a long one and my path to becoming an independent designer is still a scary, winding road of uncertainty. I admit I’m having doubts. But I’m going to keep going forward. I’m not ready to leap yet, I’ve still got a few more steps before I reach the edge.

My new illustration portfolio: