nick 4.0

So what’s with the nick 4.0? It’s version 4.0 of me. Today I turn 40. The BIG 4-OH. But you know what is funny? I don’t feel “40”. I don’t look “40” (well at least I don’t think I do). Age really is just a number. And I’ve decided that after a pre-midlife crisis, that my life … Read more nick 4.0

Forget Me (not) 2013

My dad passed away June 8, 2011 from Alzheimer’s. Since then, I have participated in the fundraiser walk each year. This is the second year that I’ve offered a print as a fundraiser incentive. The concept behind the print is that the flower is forget-me-not flower is being distorted by the disease, but no one … Read more Forget Me (not) 2013

Celebrating Castle’s 100th Episode

So I did a dirty thing…I entered a poster contest. No prize, not certain of who holds the rights. I’m sure some NO-SPEC’ers out there will frown upon me. But you know what? I really don’t care. One of my favorite shows, Castle, just celebrated their 100th episode. I was there from the beginning, when … Read more Celebrating Castle’s 100th Episode