nick 4.0

So what’s with the nick 4.0? It’s version 4.0 of me. Today I turn 40. The BIG 4-OH. But you know what is funny? I don’t feel “40”. I don’t look “40” (well at least I don’t think I do). Age really is just a number. And I’ve decided that after a pre-midlife crisis, that my life … Read more nick 4.0

Forget Me (not) 2013

My dad passed away June 8, 2011 from Alzheimer’s. Since then, I have participated in the fundraiser walk each year. This is the second year that I’ve offered a print as a fundraiser incentive. The concept behind the print is that the flower is forget-me-not flower is being distorted by the disease, but no one … Read more Forget Me (not) 2013

Forget Me (not)

My dad, Harry O. Nawroth, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in the final years of his life. He lost his fight last year on this date at the age of 83. Some days he had good days, some days not so good. But deep down inside, my dad was in there. I’m glad that he’s … Read more Forget Me (not)

Princess Snow

My longtime friend and former travel buddy, Rachel is getting married today! As is my tradition, my gift is that of a custom illustrated poem for the happy couple. This started many years ago (1998 to be exact) and my frustration with wedding registries.  Well, trying to concept during a) a busy period of freelance … Read more Princess Snow