Forget Me (not) 2013

My dad passed away June 8, 2011 from Alzheimer’s. Since then, I have participated in the fundraiser walk each year. This is the second year that I’ve offered a print as a fundraiser incentive. The concept behind the print is that the flower is forget-me-not flower is being distorted by the disease, but no one … Read more Forget Me (not) 2013

Celebrating Castle’s 100th Episode

So I did a dirty thing…I entered a poster contest. No prize, not certain of who holds the rights. I’m sure some NO-SPEC’ers out there will frown upon me. But you know what? I really don’t care. One of my favorite shows, Castle, just celebrated their 100th episode. I was there from the beginning, when … Read more Celebrating Castle’s 100th Episode

Monday Fun: Graphic Design Emergency, Part II

Last week, I posted my Graphic Design PSA about Graphic Design Emergencies. This week, part 2… Graphic design is a profession filled with deadlines. Many of them arrive too quickly, no matter how much time we as designers are given on a project. But I’ve always said, “there’s no such thing as a graphic design … Read more Monday Fun: Graphic Design Emergency, Part II

In 2012, Give Peas A Chance

I originally had the idea for this poster in late 2010. I envisioned a can of peas with the peace symbol on it. However, after some experimentation, I dropped the can idea and just went for the peas making up the peace symbol. I bought a couple of bags of frozen peas and on one … Read more In 2012, Give Peas A Chance

Say Something Poster 2011: No App for Life

Last year, I participated in the first Say Something Poster project. It was a fun project and is for a good cause, so I decided to join in again this year. While the organization and theme had changed, the mission hadn’t: try to inspire the youth of today with a positive message.  Today so many … Read more Say Something Poster 2011: No App for Life

Moonlight Movies Poster

My buddies and I started grilling and watching movies outside on the deck a few years ago when we were on vacation in Virginia. We named the evening “Sunset Cinema” and really look forward to grilling season so we can see movies outside. One of my buddies decided to build a cool movie theater in … Read more Moonlight Movies Poster