Forget Me (not) 2013

My dad passed away June 8, 2011 from Alzheimer’s. Since then, I have participated in the fundraiser walk each year.

This is the second year that I’ve offered a print as a fundraiser incentive. The concept behind the print is that the flower is forget-me-not flower is being distorted by the disease, but no one notices right away because the damage being done started out in the background. By the time symptoms show, it is too late.

You can get one of thesse hand-signed, limited edition archival prints by donating $35 or more to my Alz walk. This year’s edition will only be available this year for this fundraiser only. After that, no more will be made. All prints will be printed and signed in late September/early October.

Of course, I’d appreciate any size donation to help end this horrible disease. You can donate here.