nick 4.0

So what’s with the nick 4.0? It’s version 4.0 of me. Today I turn 40. The BIG 4-OH. But you know what is funny? I don’t feel “40”. I don’t look “40” (well at least I don’t think I do). Age really is just a number. And I’ve decided that after a pre-midlife crisis, that my life … Read more nick 4.0

DLM 2010 Food & Wine Show Poster

At my day job at Dorothy Lane Market (an upscale grocer here in town), I’m the only designer on staff. It can be quite demanding at times, and like all design jobs, some projects are cooler than others. Once project I look forward to every year is the Food & Wine Show poster (and related … Read more DLM 2010 Food & Wine Show Poster

Deaf Monty Illustration

Over the summer, I was asked by my longtime friend Leslie (who co-owns the Innport B&B with her husband Jeff) to illustrate their dog, Deaf Monty for a new business venture. They are hoping to obtain a liquor license and open a small wine tasting bar at their bed & breakfast. They have a small … Read more Deaf Monty Illustration

HZ-14: Coffee

After a short hiatus, the HOWiezine is back and to the theme for issue 14 was Coffee. Personally, I’m not a coffee fan, but I couldn’t miss a chance to participate, so I signed up without being inspired as to what I’d do. I did something thinking and I figured I could use my aversion … Read more HZ-14: Coffee

Even A 3 Year Old Knows Branding

As a designer, I do my best to make sure that the solutions I develop for my clients are appropriate and meaningful to their target audience in order to help them sell their wares or services. For the most part, I believe that it’s not evil, however when even a 3 year old makes judgements … Read more Even A 3 Year Old Knows Branding

Cool Ink Initiative Prints Help Raise Money for Good Cause!

My buddy Keith from the HOW Design Forum makes hand screened prints for a good cause over at The Ink Initiative had a sale in early July on his limited edition, hand screened prints. The best part? The money from the sale of the prints goes to help out a great cause: “The concept is … Read more Cool Ink Initiative Prints Help Raise Money for Good Cause!

HOWie Poster 2009 Edition

I participated in the second somewhat annual poster made by and for members of the HOW Design Forum. The theme this time around was “stamps”. Other than that, we were free to do whatever we wanted. I thought about different subjects and since postcards are typically used to send correspondence from people who live in … Read more HOWie Poster 2009 Edition

New Zazzle Ts: Designer Math

New t-shirt design available from my Zazzle shop! If you thought Algebra was hard, then you’re probably a designer. We might have a job that’s more fun, but our math isn’t much easier, just different. Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes on my Zazzle shop. T-shirt reads:Can you place the Illy file into ID and … Read more New Zazzle Ts: Designer Math