Pepsi Should Make Throwback Formula "the Pepsi"

I apparently haven’t been keeping up with the Pepsi throwbacks. I found a new version (from the 80s(?) at my local supermarket. And of course, I had to buy ’em! I still prefer the first throwback design. It’s clean simple, nostalgic, and just plain cool. Pepsi needs to ditch the current formula, go back to … Read more Pepsi Should Make Throwback Formula "the Pepsi"

Cheezy Trek T-Shirt Offer

The people at Cheez-It crack me up. They have a nice Trek related t-shirt reward on their recent packaging. It’s a pretty cool lookin’ shirt: This is the part that cracks me up: Now, I know that the new Star Trek has a broader appeal; however, I’m fairly confident that most “regular” folks won’t be … Read more Cheezy Trek T-Shirt Offer

Pepsi Natural & Throwback Branding

I saw this Brandweek post talking about Pepsi’s new “all-natural” soda as well as their “throwback” formulas coming to stores April 20. The packaging is nice, simple, and clean for both designs. What really caught my attention was the Pepsi throwback design: While I’m a fan of the new “regular” Pepsi rebranding, I know that … Read more Pepsi Natural & Throwback Branding

Reflecting on Pepsi’s Rebranding Refresh

There’s been quite a lot of discussion on the new direction Pepsi took with their latest rebranding. Most designers seem to think it is a step backwards and just generally don’t care for it. Well, I’m going to respectfully disagree. Pepsi’s former branding was looking very dated, busy, and definitely in need of a refresh: … Read more Reflecting on Pepsi’s Rebranding Refresh

Just what they didn’t want for Christmas!

I was out shopping the other day with a friend and we were looking at the Christmas stuff. Along with the typical Christmas lights, candy, and displays there was this: I call him “Gansta Rappa Spuds Mackenzie”, and he sings and lights up. He has either a gold or silver plated “grill” in addition to … Read more Just what they didn’t want for Christmas!

Always Practice Safe Labeling!

I’ve done a lot of product labels since becoming a graphic designer. I’ve seen the birth of the revised and improved Nutrition Facts and the rise of the allergen warning labels. I’m a fan of making sure that people who are allergic to certain ingredients don’t get exposed to them. Especially those who have deadly … Read more Always Practice Safe Labeling!