Even A 3 Year Old Knows Branding

As a designer, I do my best to make sure that the solutions I develop for my clients are appropriate and meaningful to their target audience in order to help them sell their wares or services. For the most part, I believe that it’s not evil, however when even a 3 year old makes judgements … Read more Even A 3 Year Old Knows Branding

Cheezy Trek T-Shirt Offer

The people at Cheez-It crack me up. They have a nice Trek related t-shirt reward on their recent packaging. It’s a pretty cool lookin’ shirt: This is the part that cracks me up: Now, I know that the new Star Trek has a broader appeal; however, I’m fairly confident that most “regular” folks won’t be … Read more Cheezy Trek T-Shirt Offer

Friday Fun: Chocolate Bar

Whenever I travel, I enjoy looking through the guide books at the hotel to see what sites they recommend. On a recent trip to Buffalo, I was perusing the local guide book and came across this priceless ad: Looks like an interesting place for adults right? Well, that little brown round circle at the bottom … Read more Friday Fun: Chocolate Bar

Friday Fun: Amish Ad

I’ve seen the following ad twice over two issues in National Geographic without giving it much thought. After all, I’ve trained myself to overlook ads, and this advertorial didn’t spark my interest…until I gave it a second look: Let’s take a closer look: WTH? I’ve seen some bad Photoshop jobs before, but what on Earth … Read more Friday Fun: Amish Ad


From my friends over at HOW comes this NY Times (free registration required) article talking about upscale brands feeling the pinch of the financial “crisis”. And they seem to be utilizing some low-end tactics to keep the customers coming: coupons and steep discounts. Is this a new trend until the financial storm blows over? For designers: … Read more Not-As-Upscale