Another Ad Gone Bad

I spied this nice ad for the new Ford Taurus in National Geo recently. I was truly impressed with the new body style, so I decided to read the ad. Well, that was my bad. Should’ve just left well enough alone… 😛

The text at the top of the ad extols how the new Taurus is “The most innovative car in America.**”
Huh? What’s with the “**” there? Let’s take a look-see..
Down below, in the fine print, the “**” indicates that “feature” is “** Optional.”
So The Ford Taurus’ innovation is optional? riiiight.
I don’t know who’s the genius behind this kind of moronic fine print (my guess is lawyers), but really, if your tagline is “optional”, I think I’m going to exercise my option to buy somewhere else, where they back up what they say instead of “clarifying” it out of existence.