Disturbed by Direct Mail

Here’s the story: my dad served in the Navy in WWII. Over the years, he lost his 2 medals. Luckily, there are online stores that sell veterans replacement medals. I ordered the ones my dad had and thought nothing more of it.

Until I realized that the company I bought from sold my name all over the place.
And for the most part, I just toss the mail and think nothing of it.
But then I got this “certificate” in the mail:
Direct from the American Legion: a certificate for my war-time service to the United States.
Say what? I’ve never served in any branch of the military in either peace time or war time.
I must say that I’m ashamed of the American Legion for not double checking who they are sending this “invitations” to. I think it’s disrespectful to all those fine men and women who have served.
Since the American Legion did not take the time (or money) to set more specific criteria, they risk alienating folks who otherwise think highly of their organization. And by sending out false certificates that dishonor our veterans, they are going to damage their reputation and right quick.
I know that it does cost more to set criteria and that the AL probably doesn’t have a lot of extra money to spread around. Surely there is a solution: send less but more qualified mail, maybe see if the database company would donate by giving a discount for an upgraded service, etc. Anything would be better than sending out bad direct mail like this.
For all of those out there who have really served our country in peace or war, thank you and may you have a good Veteran’s Day today.