Creative Postcard Club—R50 Stamps

I’m pleased that I was able to participate in the Creative Postcard Club’s 50th round. Congrats to Travis on a fantastic milestone! For this round, I knew I wanted the theme of my stamp to be Art Deco. But the genre encompasses such a large variety of work, I wasn’t sure what to narrow it … Read more Creative Postcard Club—R50 Stamps

Creative Postcard Club—R49 Numerals

This was a tough assignment for me. While I did actually vote for this theme, in general numbers make my eyes glaze over. So to find a meaningful number/numeral for me would prove to be the most challenging part of this assignment. So I thought about numbers and did a littel research and then I … Read more Creative Postcard Club—R49 Numerals

Friday Fun: Amish Ad

I’ve seen the following ad twice over two issues in National Geographic without giving it much thought. After all, I’ve trained myself to overlook ads, and this advertorial didn’t spark my interest…until I gave it a second look: Let’s take a closer look: WTH? I’ve seen some bad Photoshop jobs before, but what on Earth … Read more Friday Fun: Amish Ad