New Website with WordPress!

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After much consideration and many years of hand coding my own website, I’ve decided to go to the Dark Side and join the WordPress club. I’m not a coder by nature, but I do know enough to get me in trouble, namely, I get to writing code and then I break it and then I get stuck. Plus, it becomes very tedious to update all the pages when I make one small change, so I dove in.

I’ve experimented with WordPress before, so I kinda knew what I was getting into. I dove in again by starting with all my blogs. They were easy, really. I just picked a nice template and imported all my old posts. I did make a few tweaks here and there, but nothing really major.

Then it came time for my website, the lifeblood of my presence online. Trying to decide on the template to start with was tough enough, finding one that worked how I wanted to was even tougher. But I found something that worked and begin working with it. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I eventually got it to where WordPress told me that I didn’t have permission to add media or to alter my files on my site. So after a Google search, I adjusted my server’s permissions. BIG MISTAKE. That made things worse and I couldn’t remember what the original settings were. So I regretfully wiped out all my files on my server and started over from ground zero again.

Things did go smoother the second time around, because I had a better handle on what I was doing. However, the fact that I had to start over really did tick me off.

The feature I’m most proud of is that my Behance portfolio is directly linked to the “my work” page so that when I update my Behance site, my website is automatically updated as well. Another new feature is that my Petroglyph prints are now for sale direct from me on the “prints for sale” page. And I’m thrilled to have my blog finally integrated into my website.

I’ll be the first to admit that this version of my site is not aesthetically optimized to my vision; however it is functional and practical. And that is how I am and how I operate. I believe in being realistic about design and my goals and I feel this version of the site meets my current goals.