Mac Attack!

So after the HOW Conference and talking to some of my designer friends, I finally caved and decided to upgrade my 6-year old G4 to a brand spankin’ new 24-inch iMac. I got a refurb machine of the new previous generation aluminum iMacs. The day before it arrived, I thought to myself…”hmm…is it possible that … Read more Mac Attack!

Envelope Fun!

I recently picked up a box of security envelopes. I really didn’t pay much attention to the packaging, because, well, let’s face it, envelope packaging is rarely engaging (my apologies if you are one who designs envelope packaging, I’m sure you are a good designer). When I went to open the box, I found this … Read more Envelope Fun!


Hello there! So you’ve found me. Whether that is good or bad has yet to be determined. 🙂 I’m a Graphic Designer based in Dayton, OH with about 10 years of experience under my belt. While I don’t consider myself a great writer, I figured trying a blog couldn’t hurt. So what will I talk … Read more Welcome!