new work: hand of God

The latest in my Petroglyph Prints series…hand of God. Man and woman journey across the ages from the Dreamtime to the Revelation that they never left the loving cradle of their Creator’s hands. You can purchase a gorgeous 12×12″ print here. While I researching my petroglyphs, I came across this image: To me, I immediately thought … Read more new work: hand of God

new work: dark god

The latest in my Petroglyph Prints series…just in time for All Hallow’s Eve! Deep below the magnificent skies of heaven in the fiery underworld souls are tortured for their misdeeds by the Dark God. If you like it, you can purchase a gorgeous 12×12″ print here. I haven’t done a Petroglyph Print in awhile and … Read more new work: dark god

New Work: dawn of man

dawn of man

This is the newest in my line of Petroglyph Prints, dawn of man: In the Dreamtime, long before the written word, a new figure appeared on the horizon that would change the world. I’m having fun with my Petroglyph series of prints. I’ve always loved mythology and archeology and history, stories, and of course, art. So this … Read more New Work: dawn of man

New Work: Dragon Hunters

Dragon Hunters is the newest in my series of Petroglyphs wherein I combine an iPhone photo (or three) and ancient Petroglyphs to tell a story from the Dreamtime era of humanity. Deep within the caves of the dreamtime, hunters do fierce battle with a fire-breathing dragon. I started with a spill on the sidewalk that … Read more New Work: Dragon Hunters

New Work: swimming amongst the stars

It’s funny, swimming amongst the stars was not the image I set out to create. As I was exploring a new direction with my petroglyph/photography collage, I did some experimenting. While the intent was to only have a photo background, I found this beautiful image of two swans that I took awhile back. I decided … Read more New Work: swimming amongst the stars

New Work: Poseidon’s Pool

Poseidon’s Pool represents a new direction for me and my artwork. I have always loved mythology and tried to represent it in my artwork and illustrations. Now I feel that I’ve found the ultimate way to merge the two: combining my photography with petroglyphs to tell the old stories in new ways. The simple line … Read more New Work: Poseidon’s Pool

New Work: Agent Danger!

I’ve had the concept of Agent Danger! in my head since my college days. The concept was simple: a futuristic Blade Runner/Secret Agent main character that solved gritty and strange mysteries. I would tell the stories in comic book style, but not using the traditional comic book dimensions. For the 2013 version, I decided to … Read more New Work: Agent Danger!

My original art for sale at DVAC’s Art to Buy!

Over the summer, I decided to join DVAC (Dayton Visual Arts Center) as an outlet for the mounting collection of personal work I’ve been doing. I joined just in time for the annual member’s show. This year’s theme was No Borders, so my Dream Pig image seemed a natural fit. After a successful show (it … Read more My original art for sale at DVAC’s Art to Buy!