Theory Thursday: Urban Farming

National Geographic had an interesting article in a recent issue talking about how some urban centers are transforming their rooftops into green rooftops and the positive environmental impact this might have. You can read the article here. While reading this article, a thought occurred to me regarding farming and how I had also recently read … Read more Theory Thursday: Urban Farming

Cool Ink Initiative Prints Help Raise Money for Good Cause!

My buddy Keith from the HOW Design Forum makes hand screened prints for a good cause over at The Ink Initiative had a sale in early July on his limited edition, hand screened prints. The best part? The money from the sale of the prints goes to help out a great cause: “The concept is … Read more Cool Ink Initiative Prints Help Raise Money for Good Cause!

Creative Postcard Club—R50 Stamps

I’m pleased that I was able to participate in the Creative Postcard Club’s 50th round. Congrats to Travis on a fantastic milestone! For this round, I knew I wanted the theme of my stamp to be Art Deco. But the genre encompasses such a large variety of work, I wasn’t sure what to narrow it … Read more Creative Postcard Club—R50 Stamps

HOWie Poster 2009 Edition

I participated in the second somewhat annual poster made by and for members of the HOW Design Forum. The theme this time around was “stamps”. Other than that, we were free to do whatever we wanted. I thought about different subjects and since postcards are typically used to send correspondence from people who live in … Read more HOWie Poster 2009 Edition

Hey That’s Me! n2 Quoted in Caffeine for the Creative Team

Late last year, members of the HOW Design forum were asked to contribute their thoughts about how the forum acted as a team for the book, Caffeine for the Creative Team. A couple of my quotes and photos that were submitted were used in the chapter on the HOW Forum. Congrats to my fellow HOWies … Read more Hey That’s Me! n2 Quoted in Caffeine for the Creative Team

DLM Pastry Show Book 2009

Last week was the fifth annual Dorothy Lane Market Pastry Show. This marks the second year that we’ve done a “book” for the show that features write-ups about the fine pastries, hors d’oeuvres, and beer and wine offered at the event. The book acts as an admission badge and event souvenir. For this year’s theme, … Read more DLM Pastry Show Book 2009

New Zazzle Ts: Designer Math

New t-shirt design available from my Zazzle shop! If you thought Algebra was hard, then you’re probably a designer. We might have a job that’s more fun, but our math isn’t much easier, just different. Available in Men’s and Women’s sizes on my Zazzle shop. T-shirt reads:Can you place the Illy file into ID and … Read more New Zazzle Ts: Designer Math

Creative Postcard Club—R49 Numerals

This was a tough assignment for me. While I did actually vote for this theme, in general numbers make my eyes glaze over. So to find a meaningful number/numeral for me would prove to be the most challenging part of this assignment. So I thought about numbers and did a littel research and then I … Read more Creative Postcard Club—R49 Numerals