In 2012, Give Peas A Chance

I originally had the idea for this poster in late 2010. I envisioned a can of peas with the peace symbol on it. However, after some experimentation, I dropped the can idea and just went for the peas making up the peace symbol. I bought a couple of bags of frozen peas and on one … Read more In 2012, Give Peas A Chance

Jane hancock Letterpress Calendar for 2012

My friends over at Jane hancock paper produce a fabulous Letterpress calendar each year. I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in the 2012 edition. The call for entries was in May and I chose September as my month from the selections left since that was my Dad’s birthday month. Little did I … Read more Jane hancock Letterpress Calendar for 2012

HOW Design Live 2011

Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve not been keeping up my blogging as of late. I’ve been quite busy this summer with personal stuff and lots of projects. I was fortunate enough to attend yet another HOW Design Conference this year, HOW Design Live 2011 held in Chicago this past June. In the past, I’ve written up … Read more HOW Design Live 2011

Moonlight Movies Poster

My buddies and I started grilling and watching movies outside on the deck a few years ago when we were on vacation in Virginia. We named the evening “Sunset Cinema” and really look forward to grilling season so we can see movies outside. One of my buddies decided to build a cool movie theater in … Read more Moonlight Movies Poster

Princess Snow

My longtime friend and former travel buddy, Rachel is getting married today! As is my tradition, my gift is that of a custom illustrated poem for the happy couple. This started many years ago (1998 to be exact) and my frustration with wedding registries.  Well, trying to concept during a) a busy period of freelance … Read more Princess Snow

Japan Earthquake Poster – Please Help!

I’m sure you’ve heard about the devastating earthquake that hit Japan on Friday. I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve always had an interest and fascination with Japan and its rich culture. I would love to travel there one day after this disaster has passed. Feeling helpless just listening to the news about the quake, … Read more Japan Earthquake Poster – Please Help!

Sweet! nsquaredesign in print: Creative Workshop

I was pleased to learn that I was going to have one of my pieces featured in the new book, Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills by David Sherwin published by HOW Books. David put a call for willing designs to be sent one of his challenges. Each challenge had a time … Read more Sweet! nsquaredesign in print: Creative Workshop

Say Something Poster Project

I was invited to participate in the Say Something Poster Project. Jason, one of the project founders, liked my work on the Haiti Poster Project and asked me to join in this new endeavor. This poster project gives designers the chance to “say something to inspire, motivate, and educate teenage kids.” Phase one would include … Read more Say Something Poster Project

DLM 2010 Food & Wine Show Poster

At my day job at Dorothy Lane Market (an upscale grocer here in town), I’m the only designer on staff. It can be quite demanding at times, and like all design jobs, some projects are cooler than others. Once project I look forward to every year is the Food & Wine Show poster (and related … Read more DLM 2010 Food & Wine Show Poster